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Why We Have Challenges and How to Resolve Them

Why it is important to know how your "belief system" impacts your life.

Changing my "belief system" has been massively trans-formative.

Our internal beliefs make up the programming that runs our lives. If we change our beliefs, we will change our life. It’s really that simple.

Did you know that the binary system used by computers was designed after human beings? Quite simply, our success in life is programmed by thousands of tiny switches deep within us that are either “on” or “off” for beliefs regarding money, career, relationships, health, happiness, and so on. This is each person’s personal programming.

There are dozens of books and speakers talking about the power of beliefs. Napoleon Hill’s 1954 classic, Think and Grow Rich, has launched a huge number of people on the path to their success. Henry Ford stated “If you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re right.” More recently, the popular film The Secret made the Law of Attraction a household term.

This is how it works: Our beliefs—both conscious and unconscious—determine our thoughts, thinking, behavior, actions, and results. While most beliefs are formed by the age of seven, an upsetting or traumatic incident at any age can have a major negative effect on our belief system that holds us back, causes frustration, doubt, or insecurities, and creates health challenges.

However, when limiting core beliefs are identified and cleared, those things that we want to be, do, and have come naturally without effort or strain. This is the basis of Kathleen Fors’ unique Holistic Emotional Makeover™ (HEM). Our internal programming becomes changed, so instead of trying to manage our behavior, we just feel different and things happen with ease.

The fact that many sabotaging beliefs are unconscious and illogical makes it extremely difficult to even identify them without a strong system in place like the Holistic Emotional Makeover.™ This is a significant distinction that separates Kathleen’s program from all the others.

After working successfully with hundreds of clients and working on herself, Kathleen Fors has developed a unique, exclusive system that really works fast. She makes sure that her clients are “off” for sabotaging beliefs which they may not even know they carry inside, such as “Life is a struggle,” “I can’t have what I want,” “I am not enough,” “It’s not safe to be healthy,” and “It’s not safe to be self-empowered.” Kathleen also makes sure her clients are “on” for empowering beliefs like, “I am enough,” “I am worthy,” “I have all the confidence and capabilities I need to accomplish my goals,” and “It is safe for me to be healthy and self-empowered.”

The amazing personal growth that Kathleen’s clients experience, which might take years or decades through other methods, can be achieved in as little as three to six months. Many of her clients have considered their near-instantaneous personal and physical results to be nothing short of miraculous!

When we are “on” for empowering beliefs and “off” for limiting beliefs, our lives just flow magically. There is no longer anything standing in the way of our intentions and good health, because our new, affirmative beliefs radiate positive energy and like attracts like. That’s the Law of Attraction—as real as gravity.

If you have tried many other transformational programs without getting the results you desire, like Kathleen did herself, she offers a Satisfaction Guarantee that will be explained during your No-Cost Empowerment Consultation.

Sign up for your No-Cost Consultation to start your personal transformation today!


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