Single Coaching Sessions

If you have already done extensive personal development and your life is going well overall, Single Coaching Sessions with Kathleen are the ideal way to address occasional challenges that come up. This laser approach is designed to identify and clear one or two emotional or physical blocks and download new, more empowering beliefs to eliminate the issue for good.

Sample situations:

  • You find yourself being challenged in a relationship.

  • Working too many long hours or taking on too much responsibility.

  • You’ve been avoiding something you need to do.

  • Transforming a behavior problem in your leadership style.

  • Developing strong, healthy boundaries with your kids.



A Single Coaching Session can last between 1.25 and 2 hours (75–120 minutes). Based upon Kathleen’s $200 per hour rate, your fee will range from $250 to $400 depending upon the duration of the session.

A brief advance consultation about your block or challenge is recommended, to receive an estimate of the time Kathleen believes it would take to clear the issue. 



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