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Wedding Photo, June 15, 2019, Kenny Sawer & Kathleen Fors

Kathleen and Kenny won Silver Balls in the USTA National Mixed Doubles Tennis Championships, 75 – 79 age group, January 2023, Palm Springs, California.

Kathleen and Kenny won Gold Balls in the USTA National Husband-Wife Tennis Championships, combined age 150 and over, November, 2022, Claremont, California.

Winnings at the Huntsman’s World Senior Games in St George, Utah, October, 2023. Kathleen won gold in tennis mixed doubles, and women’s doubles. Kathleen also won gold in mixed doubles and singles in pickleball, and a bronze in women’s doubles. Kathleen won a silver in the longest drive competition in golf.

About Kathleen Fors

At 76 years young, I am living my best, most magical life! Six years ago I returned to playing tennis after a 17-year hiatus, and I am enjoying a wonderful new marriage with a remarkable man, who competes as my tournament doubles partner. I am healthy, fit, self-empowered, happy, and grateful, and easily maintain my optimal weight.​

Along the way, I recognized that most life challenges originate in some form of childhood trauma, abuse, or negative conditioning, which results in a lifelong pattern of sabotaging beliefs and emotions. When these are identified, cleared, and replaced with positive, empowering beliefs and emotions, the habitual behavior often disappears rapidly and permanently!

Using a combination of the techniques I've learned over the years, I developed my unique Holistic Emotional Makeover Success System™ (HEMSS) which has proven to be off-the-charts transformational and revolutionary. Even deep-seated, illogical, and unconscious sabotaging beliefs, which are nearly impossible to eliminate, can be quickly and easily reprogrammed using my powerful HEMSS.​

The narrative of my life is a powerful endorsement of the emotional healing system I've developed. It's marked by triumph over a binge eating disorder, a prolonged illness, and victimhood, culminating in a lifestyle that exudes health and joy. I stand as living proof of what is possible.

As an author and leader in the field of emotional healing, I have channeled my personal victories into a unique program that delivers swift and significant results.

My clients have met and surpassed their goals, finding solace and success in a system meticulously refined through personal experience and professional practice. To sign up for an Empowerment Consultation, click here.

I also share this success system with fellow healers and wellness practitioners to elevate and revolutionize the way we approach the practice of emotional wellness and spread lasting healing throughout the world. Further information about my training for wellness practitioners can be found at KathleenFors.com//hemsstraining.

This is my life’s work!

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My Mission:

Self-empower individuals with my Fast Emotional Healing Success System for a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

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