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At 72 years young, Kathleen Fors is living her best, most magical life! She recently returned to playing tennis after a 17-year hiatus and is enjoying her wonderful new marriage with a remarkable man, who competes as her tournament doubles partner. She is healthy, fit, self-empowered, happy, and grateful, and easily maintains her optimal weight.

But it wasn’t always that easy. For much of her life, Kathleen suffered from deep emotional pain. She struggled with a 22-year binge eating disorder, anxiety, and repeated victimization through abusive situations, both personal and professional. Kathleen was also diagnosed with a life-threatening illness for five years called Polymyalgia Rheumatica (inflammation of the muscles). These difficult experiences ignited a 30+-year search for ways to feel better, both emotionally and physically. During her journey, Kathleen studied numerous therapeutic and holistic approaches, took countless classes, trained in and taught many alternative healing modalities, and learned from hundreds of her one-on-one clients.

Along the way, Kathleen recognized that most life challenges originate in some form of childhood trauma, abuse, or negative conditioning, which results in a lifelong pattern of sabotaging beliefs and emotions. When these are identified, cleared, and replaced with positive, empowering beliefs and emotions, the habitual behavior often disappears rapidly and permanently! Using a combination of the techniques she learned over the years, Kathleen developed her unique Holistic Emotional Makeover™ (HEM) which has proven to be off-the-charts transformational. Even deep-seated, illogical and unconscious sabotaging beliefs, which are nearly impossible to eliminate, can be quickly and easily reprogrammed using Kathleen’s powerful HEM system.

After a lifetime of study with investments totaling more than $150,000, Kathleen takes great pleasure in supporting her clients’ transformation for a relatively short time and reasonable cost, helping them to experience more peace, empowerment, happiness, and health in their lives and relationships.

If you'd like to know more about me, I was selected to be interviewed by the National Coach Academy. To read this interview click HERE.

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