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Holistic Emotional Makeover™
Client Testimonials

Kathleen, thank you so much for clearing dozens of limiting beliefs that I didn’t know I even had along with all my anger and resentment associated with those beliefs. Up until I started working with you, my health challenges were getting worse. Now, thanks to you and your program my health is improving. What a miracle! I can’t thank you enough.

        --  Joan F., California

Working with Kathleen has been a life-altering experience. Initially, I resisted working with her...I was at a place in my life where I was closed off and very skeptical...and also very ill with a debilitating autoimmune disease. 

However, after only five sessions, I was amazed at how quickly my life was transforming! Kathleen has helped me to uncover and release the anger, resentment, sorrow, and bitterness lurking in the depths of my being....and she has shown me how to replace these negative emotions with a fresh, whole, positive perspective.  As a result, the world around me changed. I have been able to shift my co-dependent relationship with my overbearing father. I have found the strength to stand my ground with him without fear, and almost immediately he stopped hurling his drama and passive-aggressive behavior back at me...a major behavior change!


I have learned to embrace myself, and acknowledge my wants and desires. I have learned where my boundaries are, and I have learned to stop trying to take responsibility for everyone else. As an artist, my whole creative being has opened up allowing me to achieve new and exciting levels I didn't know I had in me! And miraculously, my physical pain from inflammation is gone, and I have joy in my soul!


My whole life I have felt like I was living inside a box, only peeking out occasionally.  Now I have been empowered to step out of that box. I have found my voice, and with it, I have embraced life for what feels like the first time.


Another amazing result from working with Kathleen is that I am now being asked to do commission drawings of pets from several connections I have on Facebook. I have completed over 7 drawings for which I have been paid doing what I love to do and I have a waiting list. How awesome is that!


If I hadn't been so sick, I don't know if I ever would have even started our sessions. I am deeply grateful that I did and I am thrilled with all of my amazing results. Thank you so much, Kathleen!

           -- Cindy M, Washington



Hi Kathleen!
I just wanted to share with you the awesome progress I made in the first seven sessions working with you. Thanks to you, I am becoming self-empowered.

A HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders when my divorce was finalized on March 24th. And exactly one month later, my house sold!!! That was the last tie I had to my x-husband. I was able to fully let it all go and feel free to move on and move forward... so...

Later that week, I officially took my birth name back! I spent all morning at the social security administration and then the DPS having it changed.

Triumphant tears poured down my face when I walked out of the SSA office as I held the official document in my hands. I just sat there in the car for a while feeling so proud of myself thinking about the challenges and hardships I have overcome.

And a little while later, I applied for a new Driver’s License. I signed my birth name for the first time since 1999.

I was 22 years old when I married my first husband and so ready to become someone else. Growing up with a Hispanic name made me feel inferior. As I look back, I understand that I didn't really know or love myself at all.

Today, I am ready to finally embrace my true self and my beautiful maiden name. I couldn't see how beautiful life truly is until now... even with all the ugly, chaotic trying events, but it is... beautiful!

In the five sessions following, I experienced a shift from within. I became comfortable in my own skin and finally felt what it is like to really love who I am.

Through all the self-reflection, seeking and working with you, I am able to view my past as history that helped shape me. For years, I spent far too much energy grieving over sad, unpleasant early life experiences. I felt so sorry for myself. Today I see that as a misuse of my energy but only because I have finally done the work to heal those old hurts. Memories come up in my mind but no longer affect me the way they used to. I can look back without reliving the hurt, emotion, pain and traumas as if it was happening to me for the first time all over again. I am finally free, feeling peacefully calm with grounded clarity, and a better understanding of who I am.

I no longer suffer from depression or anxiety. I get up in the morning excited about what the day will bring. It is amazing how I can be excited about my life and have so much peace all at the same time.  I now also have an amazing man in my life that treats me very well, plus we are having so much fun together

When I started working with you, Kathleen, my goals from our very first meeting were to be free of my past, unlock my potential, and thrive without a damn thing to hold me back from happiness and wholeness. Proudly and graciously, I say, mission accomplished!

I'm so very grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Kathleen, for being a blessing to my life and an integral part of my journey.         

          -- Cynthia D., Texas



Kathleen Fors has an amazing ability to cull out of the subconscious those beliefs that stop us from succeeding at whatever it is we want to achieve. Then, once those surprising thoughts are brought to awareness, she has an incredible gift at replacing them with powerful, positive, inspiring and motivating beliefs that become the client's new normal! It's fast, very effective and uplifting. If you want more financial success, or any financial freedom, fitness, health, weight loss, fabulous relationships and happiness, Kathleen's laser beam methods will get you there faster than you'd think possible.

In my first session alone, Kathleen helped dissolve and replace multiple beliefs I'd had around money and my worthiness to have it. I was shocked at what I had believed underneath my awareness, and when they were replaced with positive beliefs, my whole attitude toward money and my success opened up. The results, I am attracting full paying clients who don't try to negotiate my fees and have created a partnership with two other professionals in my field which will expand all of us onto the big stage in our expertise. I say to anyone who wants to grow and be more of themselves, to take on this exciting work with Kathleen for your sake. It's so attuned to just you, you get your results which are better than anything you have imagined. Give yourself the boost you need to be the greatest and perfect expression of you.

          -- Miriam L., California



Kathleen Fors provides a compassionate, non-judgmental environment and system to do deep emotional healing work. I have found her unique 12-week Holistic Emotional Makeover program to be methodical, comprehensive and extremely powerful in releasing old, unconscious limiting beliefs that have held me back, and replacing them with updated, empowering beliefs that support me in creating the life that I want. In just 3 months of coaching, my self-confidence has grown, my overall health improved and I am no longer struggling financially. Amazing work!

          --  Teri B., California


Kathleen Fors, Behavior Change Expert, Transformation Health & Emotional Wellness Coach

Developer of the Holistic Emotional Makeover™; 512-689-2417

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